We saw many amazing exhibits during Milan Design Week 2017, but Invisible Outlines by Nendo was our favorite by far. This stunning, ethereal experience at the Jill Sander store left us breathless. Take a look as we walk you through this minimal, yet impactful exhibit...


16 collections were shown across seven rooms, including "Jellyfish Vase", shown above. The thin, silicone material of the vases moved fluidly through the water they were submerged in. The vases overlapped each other in the tank, creating breathtaking layers of color, movement and transparency. Please watch the video at the end of this post to experience the movement- the photos do not do that aspect justice!


"80 Sheets of Mountains", a large installation that guests could wander through, left us starry eyed.


"Objectextile" was a collaboration between Nendo and Jill Sander.


What was your favorite exhibit during Milan Design Week this year?